Die Skerpskutter

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(“The Sniper”) by Uys Krige. An emotional and harrowing Afrikaans one-act play about patriotism, obedience to authority, overbearing grief and man’s personal integrity, set in WWII, and centring on the execution of a German Prisoner of War. Krige's own translation as The Sniper was published in The Sniper and other One-act Plays by HAUM in 1964, as well as in Plays from Near and Far (eds Guy Butler and Tim Peacock, pub. Maskew Miller, 1972). (See Gosher, 1988) English translation also published in Four South African One-Act plays by Nasou and in Play Workshop by Oxford University Press.

The Sniper, CAPAB lunch-time theatre, 1969.

See also Die Sluipskutter.

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