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A South African publishing house and bookshop chain. Originating from? **, and founded by Jan L. van Schaik in 1915. Also known in English simply as Van Schaik Publishers.

In 1968 it was taken over by Naspers. Over the years this influential publishing house has published academic works, popular works, plays and collections of dramatic works on and for the South African theatre industry in Afrikaans, English and African languages.

Key publications include the theatre histories and commentaries by writers such as F.C.L. Bosman, Ludwig Binge, Gerhard Beukes, J.H. Senekal, P.J. du Toit and Temple Hauptfleisch. Also the large series of Afrikaans full-length plays (Die Van Schaik-toneelreeks), a number of best-selling collections of one-act plays edited by Gerhard Beukes and many plays in the various African languages.



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