Cape Charade or Kaatje Kekkelbek

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Cape Charade or Kaatje Kekkelbek is a play by Guy Butler (1918-2001).

The original text

Published 1968 by A.A. Balkema in The Albany Series of plays.

Translations and adaptations

Performance history in South Africa

1968: Performed as Cape Charade, directed for CAPAB by Roy Sargeant as his first freelance production as director. It opened on 22 July 1968 at the Hofmeyr Theatre. The cast included Frank Shelley, Yvonne Bryceland, Sandra Kotzé, David Goatham, Norman Coombes, Elliot Playfair, Phillip Boucher, Val Donald, Roger Dwyer, John Ramsbottom, Alan Prior, William Bernard, Ben Dekker, Val de Klerk. Scott Robertson was the stage director and devised the lighting, sets and costumes were designed by Stephen de Villiers and choreography was by Marina Keet.


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Cape Charade or Kaatje Kekkelbek theatre programme, 1968.

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