Androcles and the Lion

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Androcles and the Lion by George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950). Androcles and the lion : a fable play by Bernard Shaw published by Constable, 1927.

Performance history in South Africa

1950: Presented in a double bill with The Boy With A Cart by the University Players.

1956: Performed in a double bill with Part 1 of Back to Methuselah at the Labia Theatre, directed by Leonard Schach for the Arts Theatre Association, Cape Town, in 1956. The cast were Alec Bell, Joyce Bradley, Edna Jacobson, Johann Nell, Gerrit Wessels and Nicholas Wright. Décor by Giuseppe Cappon and costumes by Mavis Taylor.

1969: The Johannesburg Reps presented this play in 1969, directed by Charles Hickman and starring Danny Kaye, (Davy Kaye?), Trevor Wayne, Jenny Gratus and others at the Alexander Theatre. Decor and costumes designed by Clarence Wilson.

Translations and adaptations


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