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Sita (1898-1987) was the pseudonym of a popular Afrikaans author and playwright.

Also known as Sita de Kock.


Born Sara Susanna Bosman on 10 June 1898 on the farm Hoogekraal near Potchefstroom, where she also received her initial schooling at a farm school founded on the farm by her grandfather, completing her studies at the Girls High School in Potchefstroom. This was followed by a B.A. degree fromn the Potchefstroomse Universiteitskollege in 1921. She also completed a diploma course in journalism and on in short story writing through the Vere Stent College of Journalism and Short Story Writing.

On 26 March 1921 she married the teacher Arend Josias de Kock and thereafter she spent most of her life in the vicinity of Potchefstroom, where they lived on the farm Wilgeboom and her husband taught for 40 years. She in turn began writing stories and other publications, especially children's fiction. Gradually she also worked as children's editor on a variety of Afrikaans publications, including Die Vaderland, Die Brandwag, Boerebelange and Avontuur.

Besides her writing she also travelled often and widely, visiting virtually all the continents. She and her husband eventually settled in Bronkhorstspruit, where she passed away on 10 May 1987.

The couple had two sons, Bosman de Kock (the well-known radio announcer, musician and later head of PACT) and Silvan de Kock.

Her writing

Over the course of more than 40 years she wrote and published close on a 100 works, ranging from short stories, novels, stage and radio plays to musicals and genealogical works. Besides this she also translated a number of theatrical works, notably the operettas and songs of Armand Preud'homme[1] (1904–1986).

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

The plays

Many of her plays were written for use by the travelling Afrikaans theatre companies of the 1930's and 1940's. Not all were formally published, though many performance texts were published in DALRO's script series Wat kan ons opvoer

The stage plays include Bennie Boet, Sy Les, Die Stiefma. Die Goeie Oue Tyd, Oppie trein, Die bordin-huis, Vinkel en Koljander (or Finkel en Koljander), Janette - die dogter wat nie 'n dame wou word nie, Ses vroue, Die Pettie-krie-koei, Oppie trein. 'n Man van ponde en dinge, Hintemal in die dubbeljoe and Die bondel-smous.

The musicals

Her translations of works by other authors include:

1971 Skoothondjie van mev. Pips (1971) by Alois Verwaest, Die heiland is gebore (1972) by Armand Preud’homme and So sing ons saam (1975) both by Armand Preud'homme, and Die Lewe Bloei Oop ().

Her original musical pieces for schools include Soetkoek, Potjierol and Ons wil Jakker (the first two set to music by Bosman de Kock, the latter by Gerda de Kock).

Radio plays and serials

Die Buurt, Ou-Oumatjie en Tant Poppie Kluitjiesfontein, Uw Wil Geschiede, Magersfontein, Vreemder as Verdigsel


Stellenbosch University Library catalogue.

Books by Sita de Kock:

Her letters and other documents are held by NALN.

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