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Bosman de Kock (1922-1967) was a writer, composer, musical director, and the founder of several choirs and theatre companies.

Also known as B. de Kock in some sources.


Born Lourens Bosman de Kock in Potchefstroom on 31 January, 1922

He studied at the University of Pretoria, where he obtained a BA degree and Higher Education Diploma. He also completed the University of South Africa's Teacher's Licentiate in Music (UTLM).

He then went to the UK to continue his musical studies in London, while temporarily working for the BBC's Africa service.

On his return to South Africa, he joined the SABC, where he worked for 19 years, before becoming joining PACT and becoming the Director in 1967. Sadly he passed away eight months later on 14 August, 1967 - aged 45.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

Besides his work as composer, musical director and broadcaster at the SABC, he was also an avid amateur performer and organiser. For example, while studying in Pretoria, he was a member of the prestigious Volksteater society and would later go on to become involving in founding a number of other choirs and theatre groups.

Among the theatre groups were the Katdorings in Pretoria (a song and drama group, an informal and independent offshoot of Volksteater), the Potchefstroom based Volksteater (another offshoot) and Die Skerm-toneelgroep in Durban.

Choirs included Die Boeresangers, the Minnesanger-koorgroep and Die Bosman de Kock Sangers.

He also wrote (or co-wrote) and/or composed a number of theatre pieces, among them Potjierol, Soetkoek, Lied in die Lente, Pieter Barnard L.V., Willemien , Soetwater (also known as Bruidjie Dit en Bruidjie Dot), and co-translated Menotti's Amahl and the Night Visitors into Afrikaans as Amahl en die Nagbesoekers


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