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Louis Ife (b. Frostenden, Suffolk, 12/05/1931 – Westminster, London, **/06/2000) was an actor, radio producer and writer.


Louis Robert Ife was born in the Suffolk village of Frostenden to Robert W. Ife, a farm labourer, and his wife, Joyce. In 1956 he married Susan Gisby and the following year he, his wife and their young son came to South Africa, where he hoped to pursue a theatrical career. Subsequently he appeared on stage, acted in films and wrote, produced and acted in radio programmes. He also wrote a several plays, including Till Bed Do Us Part (1973), Not Adultery, but Adulteration (1974) and Murder in Mind (1975). The latter was also produced in Great Britain, with Harry H. Corbett and Linda Thorson in the cast. After his divorce from Susan Gisby, he married South African actress Barbara Kinghorn. In 1975, accompanied by his wife, he returned to England, though his acting assignments were limited. His son, Nicholas Ife (b. 1956) also appeared in a few stage productions.



1960 - See How They Run (Directed by Charles Vernon at Alexander Theatre), 1963 – Dear Me, The Sky is Falling (Directed by Ricky Arden at the Alexander Theatre), 1964 – Hamlet (Directed by Margaret Inglis for PACT), 1964 – Treasure Island (Directed by Robert Langford for The Children’s Theatre), 1965 – Twelve Angry Men (Directed by Albert Ninio at the Alexander Theatre), 1965 – The Caucasian Chalk Circle (Directed by Victor Melleney for PACT), 1967 – One for the Pot (Directed by Basil Lord at the Academy Theatre), 1968 – Uproar in the House (Directed by Rex Garner at the Academy Theatre), 1968 – Big Night for Shylock (Directed by David Scase at the Alexander Theatre), Where There's a Will - There's a Way Around It, 1970 – Canterbury Tales (Directed by Daniel Thorndike for JODS), 1973 – Till Bed Do Us Part (Directed by Rex Garner at the Little Theatre), 1975 – Major Barbara (Directed by Frank Shelley for PACT).


1965 – The Second Sin (Director: David Millin), 1968 – One for the Pot (Director: Alfred Travers), 1972 – Rogue Lion (Director: Sven Persson), 1973 – Insident op Paradysstrand (Directors: Grenville Middleton & Gordon Anderson), 1974 – Fraud! (Director: Donald Monat), 1975 – Sell a Million (Director: Ian Hamilton), 1977 – Cruel passion / Marquis de Sade’s Justine (Director: Chris Boger). He also acted as an undefined consultant on Emil Nofal's King Hendrik (1965).


1974 – Dr. med. Mark Wedmann – Detektiv inbegriffen (Episode: Jagdunfall) (German TV Series) (Director: Alfredo Medori), 1979 – The Other One (BBC Television Programme) (Director: Roger Pace).


1967 – The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (5 episodes) (Producers: Adrian Steed, Cecil Jubber & John K. Dunlop), 1968 – Squad Cars (Contributing writer and co-producer with Colin Fish), 1973 - 1974 -The Sounds of Darkness (Writer and Actor as Lee Masters).


NELM catalogue.

Tucker, Percy - Just the ticket! My 50 years in show business (1997).

Le Roux, André I. & Fourie, Lilla – Filmverlede: geskiedenis van die Suid-Afrikaanse speelfilm (1982).

Kinghorn, Barbara - Miss McKirdy's daughters will now dance the Highland fling (1995).


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