Judex C. Viljoen

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Judex C. Viljoen (b. 15/01/1930 – d. 25/01/1977) was a cinematographer, director and editor.


During the late 1950s, Judex Charl Viljoen was a press and commercial photographer with a studio in Linden and made a living shooting record sleeves and magazine covers. At that time he began to extend his activities to include films and established a production company called Johannesburg Film Productions with German-born Hans Kaniuk. Their first film was a short called South African Miscellany (1958), which was followed by the feature Satanskoraal (Elmo de Witt/1959), on which he assisted Vincent G. Cox as cameraman. Initially he worked primarily with Jamie Uys and Emil Nofal and for the former he also directed a few sponsored shorts, including ones for Union Castle and the South African Road Safety Council. He was responsible for the cinematography of three of Uys’s features – Hans en die Rooinek (1961), Lord Oom Piet (1962) and Dingaka (1964). His only feature as director was Marmerpoel (1972). He is also said to have headed Gualtiero Jacopetti’s second unit crew in Africa on the Italian director’s notorious Africa Addio (1966) and distributed the film in South Africa through his company Ultra Films. In 1962 he married Anuska Gelletich who, as Anuska Viljoen, was responsible for the make-up on King Hendrik (Emil Nofal/1965).



Golden peach (Documentary) (196*), A farmer sailed over the ocean / Hoe ry die boere seil-seil so (Documentary) (196*), Freeway driving (Documentary) (196*), Marmerpoel (1972).


South African Miscellany (Documentary) (Producer: Hans Kaniuk/1958), Satanskoraal (with Vincent G. Cox) (Elmo de Witt/1959), Holiday Romance / Kaapse Draai (with Vincent G. Cox & Manie Botha) (Documentary) (Jamie Uys/1961), Hans en die Rooinek / Sidney and the Boer (Jamie Uys/1961), Citizens of Tomorrow / Burgers van die Toekoms (with Manie Botha) (Documentary) (Jamie Uys/1962), Man in die Donker (Truida Pohl/1962), Voor Sononder (Emil Nofal/1962), Lord Oom Piet (Jamie Uys/1962), Kimberley Jim (Emil Nofal/1963), Dingaka (with Manie Botha) (Jamie Uys/1964), The White South Africans / Die Blanke Suid-Afrikaners (with Vincent G. Cox, Koos Roets & Tai Krige) (Documentary) (Emil Nofal/1965), Diamond Walkers (as unit camera operator) (Paul Martin/1965), Tokoloshe (Peter Prowse/1965), Africa Shakes (Basil Mailer/1966), The Ever Free / Vir Ewig Vry (with Vincent G. Cox) (Jans Rautenbach/1966), The Role of a Magician-Diviner in a Tswana Community (Documentary) (Irvine Tabor/1967), Marmerpoel (Judex C. Viljoen/1972).


Doodkry is Min (with Elmo de Witt) (Jamie Uys/1961).


Die Huisgenoot, 16 October 1959

Le Roux, André I. & Fourie, Lilla – Filmverlede: geskiedenis van die Suid-Afrikaanse speelfilm (1982)


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