Hans en die Rooinek

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Hans en die Rooinek (released under the English title of Sidney and the Boer) is a 1961 Afrikaans film released in South Africa on October 31, 1961, and was written and produced by Jamie Uys and Jamie Uys Filmproduksies. It was also staged as a theatre production.

Starring Bob Courtney as Sidney Spring, Jamie Uys as Hans Botha, Wynona Cheyney as Ann Taylor, Emsie Botha as Martie du Toit, Christo Gerber as Chris Gerber, the race organiser, Willem Loots as the bus conductor, Willie Herbst as the Democrat, Gabriel Bayman as the travel agent, Sarah Sylvia as Mrs. Brown, Clark McKay as the Republican, Dave Cohen, Johan du Plooy as the Durban traffic cop (uncredited), Raymond Matuson as the bouncer (uncredited) and Desmond Varaday as the bus passenger (uncredited).

Music by Sam Sklair, Cinematography by Judex C. Viljoen, Film Editing by Elmo de Witt.



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