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Dingaka has been the title of a play, a musical and a film.

Dingaka the play by Bertha Egnos (1950)

A play about a black man struggling to survive in the city, written in 1950.

Dingaka (the musical) by Eddie Domingo and Bertha Egnos (1961)

A musical version of Egnos's like-named play, produced at the Brooke Theatre by Victor Melleney in 1961, with a script by Eddie Domingo and Bertha Egnos.

Dingaka (the film), produced by Jamie Uys (1964)

The Egnos play was made into an immensely successful film by Jamie Uys in 1964, after the success of the musical, with a script by Bertha Egnos, Eddie Domingo and Basil Gray. The film cast included Ken Gampu, Stanley Baker, Juliet Prowse and Bob Courtney.



Report by Jairus Serongoane published in Zonk Nov., 1961 ; pp. 16-17, 19

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