Inherit the Wind

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Inherit the Wind is a play by American playwrights Jerome Lawrence (1915–2004) [1] and Robert Edwin Lee (1918–1994) [2]. The play, which debuted in 1955, is a story that fictionalizes the 1925 Scopes "Monkey" Trial as a means to discuss the then-contemporary McCarthy trials. However, with the rise of American Christian fundamentalism with its open political influence beginning in the 1980s and its challenge to the concept of the separation of church and state, including the teaching of evolution in public schools, the play's overt addressing of the conflict of religious faith and freedom of thought has had considerable contemporary resonance, as evidenced by the play's numerous revivals and screen adaptations decades after its initial theatrical run. Inherit the Wind opened with actors Paul Muni, Ed Begley, and Tony Randall under the direction of Margo Jones on January 10, 1955. It debuted at Broadway's National Theatre on April 21, 1955. A 1960 Hollywood film adaptation of the play of the same name was directed by Stanley Kramer.

Performance history in South Africa

1958: In South Africa the play was produced by the Cockpit Players at the Hofmeyr Theatre opening 10 September directed by Leonard Schach , with Leon Gluckman (Clarence Darrow), Eric Micklewood and John McKelvey (William Jennings Bryan). Decor by Bruce Palmer. In 1959 the production moved to the Brooke Theatre.

1990: Staged by PACT in the State Theatre in Pretoria and the Alexander Theatre in Johannesburg, directed by Terrence Shank, with a cast including Susan Danford, Megan Wilson, Christopher Wells, Graham Hopkins, Norman Coombes, Michael Richard, James Borthwick, Jacqui Singer, Michael McCabe, Dale Cutts, Maureen England, Philip van der Byl and others. Designed by Edward Haynes.

Translations and adaptations


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