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Fiela se Kind (“Fiela’s Child”) is the name of a novel by Dalene Matthee (1938–2005), as well as , a film and a play by the same title, based on Matthee's novel.

Fiela se Kind - The novel

The novel was written and published in 1985. It has been a prescribed book for schools for decades.

Translations and adaptations

Fiela's Child - The English version of the novel

English translation by Dalene Matthee and Wim Vorster: Fiela’s Child.

Fiela se Kind - The film

In 1988 a popular film version was made by Katinka Heyns starring Shaleen Surtie-Richards, Dawid Minnaar, Jan Ellis.

In 2019 a new release of the film stars Zenobia Kloppers as Fiela [1].

Fiela se Kind - The stage versions

The novel was dramatised by Suzanne van Wijk with the same title.

A musical version was created by Ian von Memerty and titled Fiela’s Child - The Musical

A dramatised version of the book was also done by Abraham Jansen and performed by the Heidram in Bloemfontein in 19***??.

Carl van Wyk's folk opera Fiela se kind, set to an English libretto by Andries van der Walt based on Dalene Matthee's novel of the same name.

English translation by Dalene Matthee and Wim Vorster: Fiela’s Child.

Performance history of the stage versions in South Africa

1986: Performed by CAPAB in 1986 under the direction of Suzanne van Wijk (assisted by Gerard Scholtz), with Limpie Basson as Kaliel and Shaleen Surtie-Richards as Fiela , Zoë Randall, Jannie Gildenhuys, Babs Laker, Farouk Valley-Omar, Gavin van den Berg, Neels Coetzee, Vinette Ebrahim, André Roothman and André Rossouw. Design by Peter Krummeck, lighting Pieter de Swardt, music by Péter Louis van Dijk.

1992: Presented by Die Jeuggeselskap directed by Frans Swart; 4-10 July 1992; Kingswood Space' {NELM Poster Collection [Collection: POSTERS]: 1997. 21. 47.)

1994: PACT presented this play starring Gail Regan under Ilse van Hemert’s direction at the State Theatre in 1994.

1994: It was staged, directed by Ilse van Hemert, with Gail Reagon, Jan Ellis, William Abdul, Marga van Rooy, Paul Lückhoff, Esmeralda Bihl, Tjaart Potgieter, Juliana Venter, Billy Miles and Alistair Prodgers at the Alexander Theatre in May 1994. (Sunday Times, 5 May 1994)

1997: Produced by Frans Swart het die produksie reeds twee keer in die verlede aangebied in 1997 en 2007.

2007: Produced by Frans Swart, Lefra Productions and the ATKV at various South African theatres, directed by Sandra Prinsloo, March to June 2007.

2008: In 2008, 20 years after its first performance, the play was revived at the Artscape Theatre. The new version was directed by Sandra Prinsloo with June van Merch, Stefan Vermaak, Thea Mostert, Nina van Rensburg, Erik Holm, Paul Lückhoff, Rika Sennett, Peter Butler, Cedwyn Joel, André Jacobs, Gerrit Jacobs, Eldon van der Merwe, Ilecia Jacobs and Hermien de Vos.

2017-2018: Performed by Lefra Produksies, directed by Frans Swart and taken on tour in the country. The cast included: Eloff Snyman (nuwe Benjamin), Jaime du Toit (Nina), Shaleen Surtie-Richards (Fiela), Marissa Claasen (older Nina) Phillru van Achterbergh (older Lukas), Paul Lückhoff (Elias van Rooyen), Edrien Erasmus (Barta van Rooyen), Johny Klein, Cobus Venter , Rouel Beukes, Jarrod Haines, Graigan Swartz and Courtney Apies.


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Lefra Produksies website[2]

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