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[[Nellie Kruger|Kruger, Nellie]] 1954. Ere-penning aan [[Wena Naudé]]. ''Helikon'', 4(16):29-30.
[[Nellie Kruger|Kruger, Nellie]] 1954. Ere-penning aan [[Wena Naudé]]. ''Helikon'', 4(16):29-30.
[[Nellie Kruger|Kruger, Nellie]] 1954. Die [[Hogarth Puppets|Hogarth marionette]]. ''[[Helikon]]'', 3(14):129.
[[Nellie Kruger|Kruger, Nellie]] 1954. Die [[Hogarth Puppets|Hogarth marionette]]. ''Helikon'', 3(14):129.
[[Nellie Kruger|Kruger, Nellie]] 1954. [[Nasionale Toneelorganisasie]]. ''Staatsamptenaar'', 34(12):63.
[[Nellie Kruger|Kruger, Nellie]] 1954. [[Nasionale Toneelorganisasie]]. ''Staatsamptenaar'', 34(12):63.

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