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There appear to have been two theatre personalities  by the name of [[Chris Vorster]]
There appear to have been two theatre personalities  by the name of [[Chris Vorster]]
=[[Chris Vorster]] (19**-) amateur actor (circa 1970s)=  
=[[Chris Vorster]] (19**-) amateur actor (fl. circa 1970s)=  
=[[Chris Vorster]] (19**-),  actor for stage, film and TV, director, dramatist, drama lecturer.
=[[Chris Vorster]] (19**-),  actor for stage, film and TV, director, dramatist, drama lecturer=
== Biography ==
== Biography ==

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There appear to have been two theatre personalities by the name of Chris Vorster

Chris Vorster (19**-) amateur actor (fl. circa 1970s)

Chris Vorster (19**-), actor for stage, film and TV, director, dramatist, drama lecturer


Chris is a freelance actor who's been actively working in the entertainment industry since 1991.


He studied for a four-year B.Dram at the Drama Department, University of Stellenbosch. Completed an M.Dram in Directing at the same University.


Taught acting at the University of Stellenbosch in 199*-1999, while also running his own industrial theatre company. He then moved to Johannesburg, to become involved in TV as actor, writer and director, as well as stage work, founding Blond Produksies ("Blond productions") to produce work at the various festivals. In 2015 he joined the staff of the University of the Free State Drama Department as a lecturer in film.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

He directed most of his own plays, often performed in them as well, such as Parradox (199*), Jeims Blond - Afrika Avontuur ** (1997) Jeims Blond 2 - Die Reuk van Vrees** (1998) and Jeims Blond 3 - Bottle Blond - ** (1998), Why’t Burp?, Hiert Jou Bliksem! (1998), Weyers (2000), Kwaggapolitiek (2000), Bal en Klou (2001), Mario Lanza (2003), Gehang (KKNK, 2005), Haaks (KKNK, 2005.

He also adapted a number of works for the stage,such as Christoffel Coetzee’s novel Op soek na Generaal Mannetjies Mentz in collaboration with Ilse van Hemert, Aardklop, 1999).

Chris had roles in Cabaret, Battle of the Black and the Dogs, Christine, Die Jogger, Die Nag van Legio, The Life and Times of Johnny Cockroach, Die Ongeskrewe Stuk (’n Impromptu), The Tempest, The Car Cemetery, Dikker as Water, Die Vampier, Fiela's Child - The Musical, Ipekonders.

He directed Met die Holm Gebore, Baal, Siener in die Suburbs, Die Geval van die Mal Huisvrou, Die Kaal Generaals.

He later became a television writer, with a series such as Plek van die Vleisvreters ("Place of the Meat Eaters", KykNet, 2004) and epsiodes of Sewende Laan (SABC 2, 2004-5) to his credit.

Siener in die Suburbs, P.G. du Plessis, regie Chris Vorster, KKNK, whilst performing in numerous plays for CAPAB, Quantum and Blond Productions.

His film debut will be as Craig in Pure Blood.

Awards, etc

Vorster has been hailed, by INSIG magazine, as one of South Africa's entertainers for the new millennium and according to DE KAT he's one of the country's top four comedy dramatists.

He's been honoured with various Theatre and television nominations and awards for acting, directing and writing.

- Winner of a Nagtegaalprys)


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