Archibald J.A. Wilson

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Archibald J.A. Wilson (fl. 1940s-60s?) was an amateur actor, playwright and journalist.

Also referred to as A.J.A. Wilson


Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

Founding member and longtime secretary of the Cape Town Repertory Theatre Society, Wilson also wrote a number of one-act plays for use by this company and other amateurs. Among them are:

Anna Comes Home (19*)

The White Train (1949)

The Dam (1970)

Enter Miss Smith (1970)

The Idol (1970)

King Quaint (19*, with music by Colin Taylor))

"Not Guilty" (1970)

The Paper Knife (1970)

Pickled Onions (1970)

Walking Shadows (1970)

The Mill of Youth (libretto, with Walter Swanson and music by W.J. Pickerill, 19**).

Oh, Boy! (a musical, with music by W.J. Pickerill)


P.J. du Toit. 1988. Amateurtoneel in Suid-Afrika. Pretoria: Academica

Sydney Paul Gosher. 1988. A historical and critical survey of the South African one-act play written in English. Unpublished doctoral dissertation. Pretoria: University of South Africa.

Six One-Act Plays. 1949. van Schaik.

Playscripts held by NELM in various locations.

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