Voortrekker Monument

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The Voortrekker Monument

Designed by****, the Monument was begun in 1938, a direct result of the celebrations to mark the centenary of the “Great Trek”.

The amphitheatre at the Voortrekker Monument

It has an amphitheatre on the grounds used annually for a variety of Afrikaner patriotic pageants and performances. The first pageant held on the site was the reception of the symbolic wagon trek on 16 December 1938, when the foundation stone was laid for the Monument itself.

Performances at the Voortrekker Monument's Amphithreatre

(See the individual entries for details)

Inauguration of the Voortrekker Monument (Historical tableaus, 1949)

Episodes from Deur stryd tot oorwinning ("Through struggle to victory", Adèle Jooste, 1949).


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