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Adèle Jooste (1914-2012) was a music teacher, playwright and songwriter.

She also published work under her maiden name of Adele Jooste, Adele Gie or Adèle Gie. Her uncle was the historian, amateur actor and director S.F.N. Gie.


Born Hermina Adèle Gie on 17 Julie 1914 in Worcester as one of three daughters and went to school there, matriculating in 1931. In 1933 she qualified as a piano teacher with Mrs Fismer in Stellenbosch and went on to teach music in Worcester afterwards.

In that period she participated actively in the centenary celebrations of The Great Trek, for example taking a leading role in a spectacular open-air spring concert held in Worcester in 1938 and participating in the historical parades held in Franschhoek in 1939.

In June 1942 she married J.G. Jooste, principal of the Hoërskool Murraysburg, where she continued with her musical work and writing.

She died in Somerset West on 25 November 2012.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

Besides numerous instructional works for children about music and musical instruments and various collections of songs, her dramatic works include Kersfees om die Kampvuur, a musical performance piece for children, based on songs and legends (published under the name Adele Gie by Unie-Volkspers, 1941) and Hollander en Hugenoot ("Dutchman and Huguenot", a musical drama published by the FAK in 1949 (the author seemingly listed both as "Adele Gie (Mrs J.G. Jooste)" in some sources and "Adèle Jooste" in others).

There is also mention of a performance piece by Adèle Jooste called Deur Stryd tot Oorwinning ("Through Struggle to Victory") in the original programme[1] for the opening ceremony for the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria in 1949. The programme lists three scenes from the work which were apparently performed by various amateur companies as historical tableaus in the Amphitheatre of the Voortrekker Monument: "Episodes uit Deur Stryd tot Oorwinning ("Episodes from Through Struggle to Victory", performed by Volksteater, Pretoria); 'n Voortrekker Troue ("A Voortrekker Marriage", produced by J.A.A.T.S.) and Aankoms van die Hugenote aan die Kaap ("Arrival of the Huguenots at the Cape", produced by the Franschhoek Hugenote Teatergroep, i.e. "Franschoek Huguenot Theatre Group").


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