Voorlopig Vonnis

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Voorlopig Vonnis is a full-length Dutch play by Jozef van Hoeck (1922-1996)[1].

The original text

The story is based on the history of two nuclear physicists, Dr Klaus Fuchs and Dr Alan Nunn, combined into the one character Stefan Oster. Published as Voorlopig vonnis : toneelspel in twee bedrijven, published by Academica in 1978.

Translations and adaptations

English translation by Rike Vaughan as Suspended Sentence (1977).

Translated into Afrikaans by W.J. Erlank and entitled Voorlopige Vonnis. The performance text published by DALRO, 1969.

Performance history in South Africa

1958-59: Performed in Afrikaans as Voorlopige Vonnis by National Theatre Organisation, as the first production in the NTO Kamertoneel. It was directed by Tone Brulin with Siegfried Mynhardt, Enone van den Bergh and Johan Malherbe and opened on 17 November.

1959: Performed in Afrikaans as Voorlopige Vonnis by NTO in Bellville, this time with Pieter Bredenkamp, Joey de Koker and Gerrit Wessels.

1973: Performed in Afrikaans as Voorlopige Vonnis by CAPAB in its workshop theatre 13 to 21 April 1973 at the Hofmeyr Theatre. Directed by Schalk Jacobsz starring Jan Prinsloo (Stefan), Louise Mollett-Prinsloo (Ilse), Mees Xteen (Die Mens).

1977: Performed in English as Suspended Sentence, directed by Rike Vaughan.

198*: Performed in Afrikaans as Voorlopige Vonnis by CAPAB, directed by Esther van Ryswyk, starring Neels Coetzee, Libby Daniels, Francois Viljoen. Lighting by Skip Wright.


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