Voor Sononder

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Screening Details

Running Time: 67 min. (Black and White) / Copyright Date: 1962 / Release Date: 1 October 1962 / Language: Afrikaans / Genre: Western / Alternative Titles: none.


Transvaal 1902, shortly after the end of the South African War. Flip Lourens, who fought on the side of the Boers, is on his way to the diamond fields when he comes to the aid of Daan le Roux, a young man being beating up by a gang of ruffians. They are acting on the instructions of Kurt Bester, who sees Daan as a rival for the hand of Martie Pretorius, who was engaged to Kurt before the war, but rejected him after he opportunistically chose the opposite side in the conflict. Kurt is determined to win her back and uses a combination of violence and blackmail to get Daan’s father to sell his farm to him, thus hoping to force the Le Roux’s to leave the district. The nearby town of Vaalpoort’s only policeman is in Kurt’s pocket and with all the guns having been confiscated, it seems that even the determined Flip and the impulsively brave Daan won’t be able to stop him...


Essentially this is a South African B-western that makes its intentions clear right from the Hollywood-style opening music. It has an economically small cast, but makes use of two likeable heroes in Van der Walt and De Ridder and features some reliable veteran character actors in supporting roles. It was Danie van Rensburg's first film appearance as Vonk de Ridder, the name under which he appeared in countless photo stories, including the popular Ruiter in Swart.


Dawid van der Walt (Flip Lourens), Marie du Toit (Martie Pretorius), Tromp Terre'Blanche (Kurt Bester), Vonk de Ridder (Daan le Roux), Piet Bezuidenhout (Hannes, the Police Sergeant), Ralph Loubser (Chris Jordaan, Bester's Chief Henchman), Wena Naudé (Tant Truida Pretorius), Jan Bruijns (Oom Piet le Roux), Pieter Geldenhuys (Oom Andries Pretorius), Johan du Plooy (Albie Marais, the Hotel Owner), Jaco van der Westhuizen (Buffel, Gang Member), Willie Steyn (Apie, Gang Member), Willie Herbst (Neels, the Barman), James Norval (Hotel Guest), Billy Pretorius (unknown), Jan Venter (Gerrie, Gang Member).


Production Company: Jamie Uys Filmproduksies / Story, Producer & Director: Emil Nofal / Cinematographer: Judex C. Viljoen / Editor: Harry Hughes / Decor: Tommy Askew / Production Manager: Piet Bezuidenhout / Organiser: Willie Herbst / Sound: Bonné ter Steege / Make-up & Costumes: Shelagh Etherington / Decor Construction: Bill van Reenen / Camera Assistant: Manie Botha / Sound Assistant: Whitney Walls / Production Assistant: Ginger Dickson.


Le Roux, André I. & Fourie, Lilla – Filmverlede: geskiedenis van die Suid-Afrikaanse speelfilm


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