Village Wooing

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Village Wooing is a farce by George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950).

Sometimes found as A Village Wooing.

The original text

The was written in 1933 and first performed in 1934. It has only two characters, hence the subtitle "a comedietta for two voices".

Translations and adaptations

Translated into Afrikaans by Nerina Ferreira entitled Vryasie op die Dorp.

The text of what appears to be another translation by a drama student, Inge de Witt, was found in the Stellenbosch Drama Department archive in 2022. The translation has no Afrikaans title, simply using the English one. It was probably a translation exercise for students of the playwriting course offered by the department. A copy of Shaw's original is also attached.

Performance history in South Africa

1945: Produced by Joyce Burch for the University of Cape Town Speech and Drama Department in the Little Theatre in 1945. With Joyce Burch and Charles Johnman.

1971: Vryasie op die Dorp was produced by KRUIK in March 1971. The actor-manager Louw Verwey's company was contracted by CAPAB to undertake tours and this was its first production, opening on 19 July 1971. This production was taken on tour to various destinations in the Eastern Cape in September and October.


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Copy of the Afrikaans text by Inge de Witt, found in the Stellenbosch Drama Department archive in 2022.

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