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Vat Hom, Flaffie! (lit "grab him fluffy", usually a facetious incitement to action) is an Afrikaans farce by Pieter Fourie (1940-2021).

Also known as Hups in die Hydro ("randy in the hydro").

The original text

Written in 1989, it is described by Nico Luwes (2012: p. 375) as a typical "boereklug" ("boer farce") dealing with the sexual peccadilloes that the conservative Afrikaner is so at pains to hide from the community. Originally performed as Vat hom, Flaffie! , but later more often performed as Hups in die Hydro (also in a version where act one has been edited and shortened).

Published as Vat hom, Flaffie! by HAUM Literêr in 1989.

While quite a success at the box-office, and done by amateurs on a regular basis, the play was not rated highly by critics.

Translations and adaptations

Performance history in South Africa

1989: Staged as Vat hom, Flaffie! in The Drama at the State Theatre by PACT, directed by Pieter Fourie, with André-Jacques van der Merwe (Yster), Hélène Truter (Cindy), Trudie Taljaard (Ella), Peter Holden (Jannie), Hannes Muller (Tollie), Cobus Rossouw (Ou Hups), Christine Basson (Hendrina), Francois Coertze (Masseur 1 & Kelner) and Boella Botha (Masseur 2). Design by James MacNamara.

1990: Performed as Hups in die Hydro in the Bloemfontein Civic Theatre by SUKOVS in March, directed by Jannie Gildenhuys with Marion Holm, Ernst Eloff, Christo Compion, Isadora Verwey and Eric Nobbs.

1990: Performed as Hups in die Hydro by KRUIK Toneel, directed by Pieter Fourie with André Rossouw as Hups, Chris Truter, Christine Basson, Elma van Wijk (replaced by Isabella Mostert from 7 May), Tilla Diedericks, Edward Turner, Gérard Rudolf, Jozua van der Lugt and Gustav Geldenhuys, opening 19 April in the H.B. Thom Theatre and 26 April in the Nico Theatre. Design by James MacNamara, lighting by Malcolm Hurrell and music by Louis van Rensburg.

1995: Performed as Hups in die Hydro by BAT in the Bellville Civic Theatre during March. Performing rights apparently granted by DALRO to the Departement of Public Works Sport Club on this occasion.

2000: Performed on 14 April as Hups in die Hydro in the Danie Uys Theatre in Bellville by BAT, directed by Tinus Meyer with a cast that included Hendrik Gerber, Jan Terblanche and Betsie Louw.

2000: Performing rights granted by DALRO to the Paarl Teaterklub for performances in Paarl during September.

2002: Performed by amateurs in Otjiwarongo, Namibia, at the regional finals of AKTV Amateur Theatre Competition.


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