Valorous Amateurs

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The Valorous Amateurs is the name by which F.C.L. Bosman (1850, p. 270) refers to a group of amateur players from the visiting ship the H.M.S. Valorous who performed some plays for charitable purposes in the Theatre Royal, Cape Town during 1865.

On 1 and 2 June they did The Dream at Sea (Buckstone) and Cool as a Cucumber (B. Jerrold), with music by the 10th Regiment, to packed houses in the presence of Governor Wodehouse.

On the ship's return from a visit Port Elizabeth, the company put on Michael Erle the Maniac Lover (Wilks), Ben Bolt (Johnstone) and Betsy Baker (Morton) in Cape Town on 17 November, once more to a full house.


F.C.L. Bosman, 1980. Drama en Toneel in Suid-Afrika, Deel II, 1856-1916. Pretoria: J.L. van Schaik: pp. 139, 270

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