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Uitdraai ("turn aside", "turn away from" or "evade", "turn off road"; "turn out" or "become") is a TV film directed by Annie Basson

Also the title of a 1976 Afrikaans novel by Wilma Stockenström, on which the film is based

The film

Based on Wilma Stockenström's miscegenation novel of the same name (published by Human & Rousseau in 1976), which tells the story of the farm symbolocally named "Uitdraai" and the owner "Flip", the illegitimate child of a white Afrikaner woman and a "coloured" farm worker, and the social outrage and eventual the tragedy that follows when he is seduced and has a child by "Cornelie", a neighbour's daughter.

The film was produced by Sandra Kotzé for the SABC, with a script by Wilma Stockenström and Leon van Nierop and directed by Annie Basson, with Anna-Mart van der Merwe and Dawid Minnaar in the leading roles as "Cornelie" and "Flip" respectively.

The rest of the cast consisted of:

Emile Aucamp, Marthinus Basson, Hetta Bekker, Isabella Bosman, Lida Botha, Theresa Cloete, Neels Coetzee, Christo Compion, Molly Cupido, Nico de Beer, Keith Fredericks, Jannie Gildenhuys, Estelle Gouws, Cedwyn Joel, Duncan Johnson, Antoinette Kellermann, Pieter Marais, Gamiet Peterson, Etienne Pienaar, Johan Rademan, André Rossouw, Steven Samuels, Katie Steer (as Katy Steer), Esther van Ryswyk and Tess van Staden.

The core crew consisted of:

Charles Bengis (cinematography), John Adelaar (film editing), Roux Engelbrecht (costume design), Johan Smith (hair styling), Elzabe van Reenen (makeup), Magda Sydow (assistant director), Anna Lennox (set designer), André Smit (sound), Ilse Spies (sound editor), Don Williamson (final mix), Rosa Keet (script editor) and Ria van Heerden (continuity). Also involved in assistant positions: Raymond Bower, Gloria Treffry-Goatley, Hannes van Aswegen, Raymond Hennessy, A.J. Khulu, André Rossouw, Brad Schmitt and Nic Swart.

The film was first broadcast by the SABC om 27 November 1988.

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