Trafalgar Players

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Founded in 1950* by ** in **. Among the members were Colin Wynne, Cynthia Fischer, Leonard Dixon, Rasheda Rassool, Joe Rassool, Juanita Pfaff, Oscar Pfaff, Isaac Pfaff, Ralph Zinn, Leonard Smith, MacDonald Dixon, Arthur Jonathan, Winnifred Oliver, Lucille Carelse, George Veldsman, Jacobus Garisch, Harold Kruger, Frank Alanthwaite, harry Stgevens, Michael Yawa, George Bennett, Andrew Mackrill, Abou Desai, and Reshard Gool. They produced a number of controversial political plays in the 1950s, among them the works of Paul Roubaix (Isaac Pfaff). These include Here Endeth the First Lesson and Though I Speak (double-bill, Woodstock Town Hall, 1950), Bitter Road (Maitland Town Hall, 1954), Hour of Glory (best play at the Scopus Club Drama Festival, 1956) and The Yearning of my Heart (a playreading, Little Theatre, Cape Town 1958).


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House, Melanie. "Their Place on the South African Stage: The Peninsula Dramatic Society and the Trafalgar Players." Electronic Thesis or Dissertation. Ohio State University, 2010. OhioLINK Electronic Theses and Dissertations Center. 17 Mar 2016 [1].

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