O, Uur van Glorie

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O, Uur van Glorie ("O, Hour of Glory") is a one act play by Paul Roubaix (1920-2005).

The original text

An Afrikaans one-act play about the clash between a revolutionary group and the government forces in an unnamed country.

Published by J.L. van Schaik in Vyf Nuwe Eenbedrywe, edited by Gerhard J. Beukes, 1957.

Translations and adaptations

Translated by the author into English, entitled Hour of Glory. The English text was published by Roubaix in a collection called A Time for Compassion - Biko’s World in Six Plays in 1978 (Toronto, Culturama Incorporated), with an introduction by Frank Birbalsingh.

Performance history in South Africa

First performed in English under the author's direction by the Trafalgar Players in 1956, winning the best play award at the Scopus Club Drama Festival.


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