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Tim Plewman (1955-) [1] is a South African actor, singer, dancer, comedian, writer, producer and director.


Born in Johannesburg on 26 September 1955, Married to Cathy Cota. They have a son, James (b. 1986).


Quoted from the programme of Two Into One in 1986: 'Tim was born in Johannesburg and educated in Natal where he went to art college to train as a commercial artist. At the time he worked as a guitarist/entertainer to earn extra money.'


His acting career began in 1978 with Pieter Toerien. Quoted from the programme of Two Into One in 1986: 'After a while in the commercial field he moved to the theatre community, his first professional role having been as a singer and dancer in the chorus in Chicago, going on to take over the role of Fred Caseley on tour. He the appeared in five top musicals, attracting special praise in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour, The Archon and Christian before moving into straighter roles when he took over a lead in Happy Birthday at 48 hours notice. Other productions he has appeared in are Stage Struck. Archy and Mehitabel, Pyjama Tops, Tom Foolery, The Unexpected Guest, Fifth of July, the long-running Who Goes Bare, Tom Stoppard's The Real Thing, Hello I'm 8 and the name role in Snoopy the Musical. His most recent roles for this management were as Captain Hastings in Agatha Christie's Black Cofee, Charlie Barnett in One For The Pot and Ross Barnett in The Marriage Go Round. TV variety appearances include Sing, One Over the Eight, Whirlgig, Prof. Lackbrain, Hobbies, presenting Follow That Star, and The House of Mankowitz.'

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

Archie and Mehitabel, Archon, Follow the Man, Stage Struck, Pyjama Tops.

His career began in 1978 when Pieter Toerien gave him the opportunity of taking over the lead role in the comedy Happy Birthday. A stock actor for Pieter Toerien for many years, doing plays such as ** and **. He also worked briefly with Paul Slabolepszy (**). Became a household name for his hugely successful performance of Rob Becker’s Defending the Caveman (199*-200*), initially for Toerien, later obtaining the rights himself. Other performances include ***, ***, and ***. In 2004 wrote and performed in Breakfast with Dad for Pieter Toerien Productions. He starred in Tom Lehrer’s Tom Foolery together with Andre Hattingh, Michael McGovern and Jonathan Rands at the Intimate Theatre in 1981. He starred in Who Goes Bare together with Jonathan Rands under direction by Rex Garner at the André Huguenet Theatre in 1982. Together with Cathy Cota he created CT Productions which in association with NAPAC presented Snoopy!!! starring himself, Cathy Cota and Mark Richardson. It was directed by Geoffrey Sutherland and staged at the Space Frame theatre in 1984. He starred in One for the Pot for Pieter Toerien in 1985. He starred in Ray Cooney’s Two Into One for Pieter Toerien at the André Huguenet in 1986. He starred in Terrence Shank’s production of David Wiltse’s Doubles at the Alhambra in December 1986. He starred in Simon Gray’s The Common Pursuit directed by Ken Leach at the Alhambra in 1987. He starred in Rex Garner’s production of Cahoots at the Leonard Rayne Theatre in 1988. He starred in Singin’ in the Rain in 1988. Together with Pieter Toerien he presented, starred in and directed Michael Pertwee’s Sextet at the André Huguenet Theatre in 1990. He starred in Grin and Bare It at the Victory Theatre in 1990. He starred in Ray Cooney’s Out of Order at the Alhambra Theatre in 1992. Together with fellow management Cathy Plewman and Eric Lyall he refurbished the André Huguenet Theatre in 1992. He starred in the opening production namely Ray Cooney’s Uproar in the House.

He directed Things You Shouldn't Say Past Midnight, 2000.

His considerable contribution to TV entertainment includes roles in the House of Mankowitz, Follow That Star, The Tim Plewman Show, Golden City Dreams, Pure Plewman. He directed the TV version of Tom Foolery.

Awards, etc

Best Actor of the Year Award for Golden City Dreams.


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