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There were at least two companies which went by the name "Theatre Guild" and one which went by the name "Amateur Theatre Guild".

Theatre Guild - Johannesburg

Presented The Lady of the Rose in 1946.

Amateur Theatre Guild - Port Elizabeth

According to the March 1985, edition of Scenaria magazine (Issue no 50), The Company of Four assumed the name of the Amateur Theatre Guild from 1951 till 1958 when it became the Port Elizabeth Theatre Guild.

The Amateur Theatre Guild was inaugurated in 1951.

In 1952 the Guild, produced A Phoenix Too Far, for The Company of Four.

In 1953 the Guild produced Private Lives as their entry for Pemads Salter's Cup.

In 1954 their entry for the competition wasSorry Wrong Number and in 1955 they entered The Snow Goose. They also produced Home and Beauty for the Port Elizabeth Jewish Guild.

In 1956 the Guild produced Miranda.

1957 saw the production of Hands Across the Sea for the Salter's Cup.

The final production was A Child is Born in 1958.

Theatre Guild - Port Elizabeth

The Port Elizabeth Theatre Guild was inaugurated in 1959 with the production of Dial M for Murder for The Company of Four.

1960 saw three productions, Rope and Our Town for the Juvenile Guidance Committee, and King Lear for the Red Cross.

On May 10, 1960, the Shakespearean Festival was inaugurated and basically replaced the Theatre Guild.


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