The Years of the Locust

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by James Ambrose Brown. A play about the involvement of a well-meaning innocent in subversion, sabotage and treason.

Unpublished/First published by ** in 196*.??

Playscript held by NELM [Collection: BROWN, James Ambrose]: 1982. 52. 146. 1.

Performance history in South Africa

First performed in 1966 at the Hofmeyr Theatre, as CAPAB's first indigenous English production, and as their contribution to the fifth Republic Festival. It was produced for CAPAB by Toerien-Rubin and directed by David Bloomberg, with Johann Nell, Frank Shelley, Yvonne Bryceland, Erica Rogers and Glynn Day, Norman Coombes.

This production also played at the Alexander Theatre in Johannesburg, and toured the country, being seen by just over 10 000 people in the course of 38 performances as far afield as Queenstown and Kimberley.

Translations and adaptations

The Organisation: a novel by James Ambrose Brown based on the author's play "The Years of the Locust" by


CAPAB List of Plays Presented, 1971.

Grütter, Wilhelm, CAPAB 25 Years, 1987. Unpublished research. p 42.

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