The Women

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The Women by American author and politician Clare Booth (1903-1987) (Better known as Clare Boothe Luce)[1]. Her 1936 play was a satire on the idleness of wealthy wives and divorcees. It was immensely popular with the public, although received coolly by critics, and ran for 657 performances and was adapted for the screen in 1939.

Performance history in South Africa

1942: First performed in South Africa by the Johannesburg REPS in 1942 at the Standard Theatre, directed by Leontine Sagan, starring Moira Lister, Doreen Hamshaw, Madge Cade.

1950: Produced by Taubie Kushlick at His Majesty's Theatre, starring Margaret Inglis, Esmé Celliers, Ivy Tresmand and Lorna Cowell.

1961: Revived by the Kushlick-Gluckman company at the Intimate Theatre with Shirley Firth, Jenny Gratus, Valerie Miller and Diane Wilson in the lead roles in 1961, with designs by Anthony Farmer.


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