The Voyage of the Santiago

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An Enquiry into the Voyage of the Santiago as Performed by the Survivors is a play by Don Maclennan (1929-2009). Two-Act play in twenty-seven scenes.

The original text

An historical drama based on a 16th century shipwreck in the Madagascar Channel. Published in 1977 in Contemporary South African Plays, pp. 111-155.

Performance history in South Africa

1974: First performed by PACT at the Arena Theatre, directed by Ken Leach. The cast: Norman Coombes (Captain), Denis Bettesworth (Pilot/Doctor), Nigel Vermaas (Ximines), Michael Richard (Sapata), Errol Ross (Pinto), Michael Irwin (Master), Leonie Hofmeyr (Maria Ramos), Beverley Malnick (Woman 1), Reza de Wet (Woman 2).


Notes: Contemporary South African Plays, p.109.

Review written by Raeford Daniel, The Rand Daily Mail, 6 February 1974.

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