The Methuen Drama Guide to Contemporary South African Theatre

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The Methuen Drama Guide to Contemporary South African Theatre is a publication edited by Martin Middeke, Peter Paul Schnierer and Greg Homann and published in London by Bloomsbury, 2015.

The aim of this collection is to discuss theatre in South Africa since the first democratic elections by focussing on new plays written and produced in the country since 1994. The volume is 384 in length and contains 20 essays written by critics, artists and academics, dealing with more than 100 South African plays.

Preceded by a contextualising Introduction by the editors, the essays fall into two broadly defined groups.

The first group consists of a miscelaneous set of six studies looking at a range of alternative forms and themes.

These are "The Pioneers" (Sarah Roberts), "Contemporary Collaborators I: Kentridge/Taylor/Handspring" (Jane Taylor), "Contemporary Collaborators II: Magnet Theatre" (Yvette Hutchison), Physical Theatre (Robyn Sassen), "Popular Community Theatre" (Emma Durdenand "The Theatre Makers in One-Person Format" (Veronica Baxter).

The second set of essays deal with 13 individual playwright/theatre makers, plus a few upcoming writers.

The writers discussed are: Athol Fugard (by Dennis Walder), Reza de Wet (Anton Kreuger), Paul Slabolepszy (Adrienne Sichel), Zakes Mda (Kene Igweonu), Lara Foot (Loren A. Kruger), Mike van Graan (Brent Meersman), Craig Higginson (Michael Titlestad), Mpumelelo Paul Grootboom (Muff Andersson) Brett Bailey (Kevin J. Wetmore Jr) , Pieter-Dirk Uys (Mervyn McMurtry), Fatima Dike (Miki Flockemann and Rolf Solberg), and Yaël Farber (Marcia Blumberg). The section is then rounded off by a roundup of "Emerging Playwrights and Significant Plays" (Greg Homann)and an interview with the theatre manager and playwright Aubrey Sekhabi.

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