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La Petite Hutte is a 1947 comedy play by French playwright André Roussin (1911-1987)[1].

The original text

Roussin's French play was inspired by Civilitzats Tanmateix (lit. "civilized nevertheless"), a Catalan comedy by Carles Soldevila (1892-1967)[2], written and published in 1921, of which a French translation was published by Adolphe de Faigairolle et Francesc Presas in the magazine Candide in 1927. (The Catalan play was also translated into Italian by Luigi Pirandello).

La Petite Hutte was first performed in Brussels in October of 1947, followed by a premiere in Paris at the Théâtre des Nouveautés on 19 December, 1947, directed by and featuring Roussin himself. Immensely popular, the production had 1500 performances.

Translations and adaptations

Translated into English in 1950 as The Little Hut by English novelist Nancy Mitford [3]. Published in London by Hamilton, 1951.

The English version by Nancy Mitford was filmed by Mark Robson as The Little Hut in 1957, starring Ava Gardner, Stewart Granger and David Niven.[4]

Adapted as a French TV drama in 1965, directed by André Leroux.

Performance history in South Africa

1952: Performed as The Little Hut at His Majesty's Theatre, directed by Daphne Rye, starring June Clyde, Peter Gray, Nicholas Turvey, Robert Flemyng (as Phillip). Decor by Roy Cooke.

1966: The English translation was staged by The Stage Company, directed by Angus Neill, with Shirley Firth (Susan), Angus Neill (Henry), John Hayter (Philip), Ivor van Rensburg (1st Stranger) and Richard Lockwood (2nd Stranger). Decor by Graham Brown.


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