The Gingerbread Lady

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The Gingerbread Lady is a three-act comedy by American playwright and screenwriter Neil Simon [1]. It was first presented on December 13, 1970, at the Plymouth Theatre, New York City, by Saint-Subber. It was under the direction of Robert Moore.

Presented at the Port Elizabeth Opera House and produced by the Port Elizabeth Shakespearean Festival, from June 6 - 9, 1984. It was also presented at the Queenstown Town Hall, on June 16, 1984, the Guild Theatre in East London on June 30, 1984, and at the Wouter Kritzinger Hall, Knysna High School, on July 21, 1984. The show was produced by Helen Mann. Starring Ian Liston (Jimmy Perry), Milton Drury (Manuel), Dianne Kingsley (Toby Landau), Anita Lowry-Bell (Evy Meara), Lorraine Young (Polly Meara), and Trevor Hicks (Lou Tanner).


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Theatre poster held by NELM: Poster collection [Collection: MANN, Bruce]: 2011. 369. 3. 6.

Original The Gingerbread Lady production programme, 1984.

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