The Garden at the Threshold

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by Percy Baneshik. A one-act play written in 1951, which won the Van Riebeek Tercentenary award. The play is based upon an incident when Van Riebeeck took in an English sea-captain, so that he could recover from scurvy. The play explores English/Afrikaner(Dutch) relationships and exposes the misconceptions and prejudices that influence communication between two people. Published in Eleven One-Act Plays, edited by A.D. Dodd and F.O. Quinn (Cape Town: Juta and Company, 1965). Later also published in Four South African One-act Plays (ed D.R. Beeton, pub. Nasou, 1973) and South African Focus 2 (ed S. Gosher and H. Houghton-Hawksley, pub. Hodder and Stoughton, 1987).

Performed by CAPAB's Theatre-Go-Round in 1967 directed by Roger Dwyer in a double bill with The Happy Journey.


Press clippings held by NELM: [Collection: DICKERSON, Beth]: 2009. 61. 2. 14.

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