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J.C. Juta and Co. is a publishing house and bookseller.

Also referred to as Juta and Company Ltd, Juta and Company, Juta and Co., Juta & Co., Juta, or Juta's in various sources.

J.C. Juta and Co.

The venerable bookshop and publishing house was originally founded in Cape Town in 1853 by Jan Carel Juta.

Juta was born in Holland, trained in Law and was married to Karl Marx’s sister. He emigrated to Cape Town where he founded what is today the oldest active publishing house in South Africa, and may well be South Africa’s oldest unlisted public company still in existence.

The publishing and retailing company is largely associated with publications in the fields of law, education and academia.

General books on the history of the performing arts

Curtain Up! The Story of Cape Theatre (Olga Racster, 1951);

In the fields of theatre, film, media and performance, the company's publications over the years have included:

In English

Plays such as The Masque of the Silver Trees (by Réné Juta, 1909); three plays by Cecil Lewis (Willem Adriaan van der Stel and the Burghers; Sir Harry Smith and his Juana, c1924: and Lady Anne Barnard and her Friends, c1927);

Educational editions of playtexts, such as Eleven One-Act Plays (ed. by A.D. Dodd and F.O. Quinn, 1965),

In Afrikaans

In other Southern African languages

Isisila sehobe (isiXhosa, 1986); Dembenyito (Tshivenda, 1988); Monaila (isiXhosa, 1992). .



Jutalit is an imprint of the parent company, specializing in educational and scholarly texts.

Among their theatre related publications under this imprint have been 'n Rooie met Ratte, Pa (comp. Ulla Schüler and Temple Hauptfleisch, 1991) and Die Magiese Kring (comp. Temple Hauptfleisch, 1991),




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