Une Chambre pour Deux

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There are two French plays by this name:

Une Chambre pour Deux by Prieur and Letorzec (1839)

The original text

Written by Edmond-Frédéric Prieur, (??-1849)[1] and Aristide Letorzec (pen name Lajariette, 1808–1848)[2], it is a skit about two men who occupy the same room without being aware of each other's existence, having been tricked by their landlady.

There are a few indirect references to a 19th century play of this name, but it is not listed among the works of either of the authors nor has a copy of a text or programme for a performance been found so far. It may however be an earlier or alternative title for a vaudeville in 1 act called Allons à la Chaumière, written by the same authors and opening in Paris at the Théâtre Porte Saint-Martin on 1st of December, 1839 and published in that year. This text is available.

Translations and adaptations

Translated and adapted into English as The Double-Bedded Room by J.M. Morton (1811-1891)[3]

The English play was in its turn re-translated into French by Charles Varin and Charles Lefèvre and called Une Chambre à Deux Lits (1846).

There are some critics who see the original French play as a source for both Morton's version of it as well as his most famous play, Box and Cox (1847)

Translations and adaptations

Performance history in South Africa

1860: Performed in English as The Double Bedded Room (Morton) in the Harrington Street Theatre, Cape Town, by the Sefton Parry company on 27 February, with Delicate Ground (Dance) and Pleasant Neighbour (Mrs Planché).



Une Chambre pour Deux by Caroline Steinberg (2009)

Written by Caroline Steinberg and performed by her and , it is a skit about a man and a woman who have to share the same room because of an error by the concierge of the hotel.



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