The Diary of Iris Vaughan

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by Iris Vaughan and adapted by Norman Coombes and F. Ogilvie. Full-length. Cast: mixed.

This South African classic is the delightful, true diary of a young girl between the ages of about eight and twelve years at the beginning of the twentieth century. It is unintentionally hilarious and retains all the spelling errors of the original. Iris's father was a magistrate stationed in various small towns in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, and the diary gives the reader an enchanting view of small-town life in the Cape Colony through the eyes of a perceptive young girl.

The original text

Playscript (typescript) held by NELM Location: [Collection: DICKERSON, Beth]: 2010. 68. 2. 1.

Performance history in South Africa

1969: Directed by Beth Dickerson as part of the programme of Two short plays produced for the English Academy Conference in Grahamstown on 7 July 1969 including Lorraine Bellamy as Iris, Chic Chunnet as Mrs Vaughan and Tony Voss as Mr Vaughan, with The Last Voyage by Pauline Smith, produced by Rosalie van der Gucht.

1983: A Just Us Company production was directed by Cindy Just in 1983, performed in the Baxter Studio. The cast: Corinne Willoughby, David Laithwaite, Merle Lifson, John Dennison, Clare Dembovsky, Paul Buckby, Pippa Duffy, Catherine Molteno, Niccola Perez.


Barrow, Brian & Williams-Short, Yvonne 1988.

Photographs of the cast (1969 production), press clippings and other material held by NELM in various locations.

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