Tango del Fuego

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by Marthinus Basson, Mark Hoeben and Ina Winterich. Devised as a dance-drama by Hoeben and Winterich, it was expanded to a stage play which explores the history of the tango by Basson. Directed and designed by Basson, first performed at the Oude Libertas Amphitheatre in Stellenbosch in 2001, with Hoeben and Winterich and actors Dawid Minnaar, Antoinette Kellerman, Nicole Holm and Jaco Bouwer. Fleur du Cap Awards?*: Tango del Fuego, Marthinus BMasson, (beste regie & beste tegniese bydrae vir ontwerp), 2001. Antoinette Kellermann (beste aktrise), & Mark Hoeben (beste spel in musiekblyspel of revue), 2001.

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