Take Root or Die

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Take Root or Die is a play by Guy Butler written about the coming of the 1820 British Settlers to Southern Africa. Full-length. Cast: mixed.

Published by Balkema.

1966: Performed as one of the opening productions for the Rhodes University Theatre Complex in 1966. Performed again and published in 1970 as part of the 150 year celebrations??.. * The cast: Alan Kenyon as John Stubbs, Paddy McLelland as Mrs Stubbs, Noël Roos as Thomas Stubbs and Cathie Evans as John Stubbs (jnr); Tessa Randal as Eliza Debnam; Peter Lawton as Rev. John Ayliff; David Craig as Captain Trappes; Rosemary du Plessis as Henrietta; Roger Loveday as Thomas Pringle; Diana Sinclair as Jane Dold; John Gardiner as John Montgomery; Sue Parker as Anna; Paul Probert as Driver.

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