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Tafelberg Publishers is a South African publishing house established as Tafelberg Uitgewers (or Tafelberg-Uitgewers) in Cape Town in 1954.

It is referred to as Tafelberg Publishers in English.

It is often listed simply as Tafelberg (i.e. Table Mountain)

It derived from Nasionale Pers Boekhandel, originally founded on 9 Maart 1916 in Bloemfontein, and would become a central part of the publishing conglomerate NB Uitgewers (i.e NB Publishers).

Originally known for and focussed on Afrikaans language and literature, it gradually widened its horizons to publish a wide range of nonfiction and fiction in both English and Afrikaans.


Tafelberg website at: http://www.tafelberg.com/AboutUs

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