Table Mountain

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Table Mountain/Tafelberg, the symbol of Cape Town

Table Mountain is perhaps best known as the name of the iconic mountain dominating the city of Cape Town in South Africa, a declared World Heritage Site. Known as Tafelberg in Dutch and Afrikaans, the mountain not only symbolizes the city but often features as the topic and/or setting for myths, stories, plays, films and the like.

In fact there are a number of flat-topped mountains in the world with this name, including a mountain in Suriname, a hill in Curaçao and a mountain in Baden-Württemberg, Germany (there known as "Täfelberg").

Because of its renown, many South African companies, notably Cape Town based firms, have named their businesses after it over the years, particularly in its Afrikaans form - Tafelberg.

Tafelberg Uitgewers

A prominent case in point as far as this encyclopaedia is concerned, is the renowned publishing house Tafelberg Uitgewers (Tafelberg Publishers), which is often referred to simply as Tafelberg in sources.

For more about this company, see the entry on Tafelberg Uitgewers.


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