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SA Theatre Photo Album

This is a Facebook group site where people involved in the theatre industry can share the work they've done in the past and present. This came out of a reaction from seeing theatre images with no credits and production information. Participants post SA Theatre photos, and links to videos etc. with date and name of the production, and photo credit, wherever possible.


This is a South African information and entertainment website, founded in 2020. Among other things it offers potted biographies of stage and screen performers.

Found at:

Sarafina Magazine

This is a South African online publication, founded by Candice Bernstein in August 2016.

Focused on women in the arts, it publishes interviews with women about their careers, insights and artistic endeavours.

Found at:


A Belgian website devoted to biografies and bibliographies of Flemish writers from 1830 to the present day. Conceived and maintained by Jan Venderickx.



SKROP ("", subtitled "die werf met pitkos, i.e. the site with *) is an Afrikaans online publication devoted to good books, entertainment, entertainment, art and food.

Editor in Johannesburg: Schalk Schoombie, in Cape Town: Mariana Malan.

Section editors are: Riana Wilkens (books), Kobus Burger (dining), Paul Boekkooi (entertainment), Johan Myburg (art). Web design: Marselé Prinsloo, artist: Alisa Rebel.



A blog providing showbiz and leisure news, views, interviews and reviews by arts journalist Billy Suter

The blog address is:

Soul Safari - Music Treasures from Africa - a blog

A blog by disc jockey, record producer and collector Eddy De Clercq. The main focus is the popular and traditional music from South Africa and the sub-Sahara African region, especially in the period 1940-1990.

It has a category for "Archive for the "South African Musicals & Movies" at

The blog's general website address is

South Africa: Overcoming Apartheid, Building Democracy

This website presents an overview, through first-hand accounts, of the resistance movement to apartheid. The story is told through interviews with South African activists, raw video footage documenting mass resistance and police repression, historical documents, rare photographs, and original narratives .

Website: provides daily coverage of issues and events important to globally minded South Africans from our editorial teams in Cape Town, London & Brisbane.

Established in 2003, it is host to a loyal reader base of two million+ unique visitors monthly — a number which is rapidly growing.


South African History Online (SAHO)

South African History Online (SAHO) is a history website, one of the largest and most comprehensive online websites on South African history and culture. It also hosts community, schools and heritage institution outreach programmes, enabling individuals and institutions to record their own and their communities' histories.

Website address:

South African Musicals & Movies - a blog

This is a sub-category of Eddy De Clercq's blog Soul Safari - Music Treasures from Africa and is found at

See also

South African Settlers

A website listing that includes Settlers from the British Isles to South Africa during the 19th century, particularly those who went in 1820, but also many who arrived before and after that year.

Stellenbosch Writers

A website by Rosie Breuer on writers and artists associated with Stellenbosch, launched in May 2000. In 2005 a book Stellenbosch Writers was also published, though the website is still being updated. The website address is:

SUNDigital Collections

SUNDigital Collections is a website that showcases the digital collections and repositoriesheld by the University of Stellenbosch's Library and Information Service. It offers a single connection point to various collections of primary resources as well as digital research output. In support of digital scholarship, the website shares the valuable resources and promotes intellectual collaboration by offering free online access to these digital collections. The initiative forms part of the Library's commitment to enriching its digital resources and supporting, developing and contributing to high-level scholarly publication output.

The website address is:

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