Royce Ryton

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Royce Thomas Carlisle Ryton (1924-2009) [1]. English actor and playwright.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

In 1976 he came to South Africa to star in his play The Other Side of the Swamp opposite Eckard Rabe (for Toerien-Firth, 1976), the play running for a year.

A number of his other plays have also been done in South Africa, including Crown Matrimonial (Toerien-Firth, 1973), For the Woman I Love (Toerien-Firth, 1976), The Unvarnished Truth (Toerien-Firth, 1979), The Anastasia File (1986) and I Was King (Pieter Toerien, 1992).


Tucker, 1997.

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