Richard Gush of Salem

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by Guy Butler. Commissoned by CAPAB for Settlers' Day, 1970, the year which marked the 150th Anniversary of the landing of the 1820 Settlers from Britain in South Africa.

The original text

Playscript held by NELM Collection: BUTLER, Guy]: 1994. 2. 4. 5. Note: Playscript; Published by Maskew Miller in 1982.

Translations and adaptations

Filmed for television in 1983.

Performance history in South Africa

1970: Roy Sergeant directed, Michael Tuffin wrote the music, CAPAB sent a number of professional players to play with Rhodes University Drama Department players. It was performed on 7 September 1970 in Grahamstown. The whole production was taken to the Labia Theatre in Cape Town for a week. In the title role was Don Maclennan with Chris Weare, John Uys, Michael Drin, John Burch, Bruce Watt, Lois Butlin, Anthony Akerman, Joyce Bradley, Jane Osborne, Peter Terry, Stephen Gurney and Brigit Reynolds in the cast.

1982: Directed by Rosalie van der Gucht for Rhodes University Drama Department in September 1982. The cast included Deon Opperman and George Fatseas.

1983: John Whiteley played the lead in a filmed version of the play.


NELM catalogue.

Tango theatre programme containing a summary of CAPAB's activities in 1970.

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