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The Railway Institute system

MORE HISTORY? The South African government railways service built and maintained "Railway Institutes" for its employees in the various major centres, including Johannesburg, Cape Town, Bloemforntein, Durban, Volksrust, etc. These contained halls which were used for social, sporting and other functions, including christmas parties, performances and presentations. (See also the Institutes in specific cities.)

Railway Institutes in different cities

The Railway Institute, Bloemfontein

The Railway Institute Dramatic Society , Bloemfontein

Amateur dramatic society active from 1895 to 1896, after the construction of the railway line between Cape Town and the Witwatersrand had made Bloemfontein into a convenient stop for professional touring companies passing through. **


(See Du Toit, 1988) [JH]

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The Railway Institute, Cape Town

Situated in ** street, built in 18**. * Used by the Cape Town Repertory Theatre Society for its early performances such as The Merchant of Venice in 19**. In the 1920s the Afrikaanse Toneelvereniging performed there, in 1924-1925 the first South African productions by Paul de Groot - Zaken zijn Zaken (Mirbeau) and Overschotje (Niccodemi) took place, and on 30 April, 1927 the first production of the one-act play Over the Weekend by Major Hedley Parks was done there. On Friday 3 May 1929 the Oranjeklub performed Vrydag ("Friday") there in aid of the Volkshospitaal. ***


(Binge, 196*; See Du Toit, 1988) [TH, JH]

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