Port Elizabeth Children's Theatre

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In 1959 the Port Elizabeth Children's Theatre started staging theatre productions aimed at developing an attraction of children for the theatre world.

Contribution to South African Theatre

1959: The Poppenkast

1960: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

1961: One Act Plays.

1962: A Midsummer Night's Dream

1962: Toad of Toad Hall.

1963: One Act Plays.

1964: Listen to the Wind.

1964: Simon Big Ears.

1965: The Pied Piper.

1967: Where do we go from here?.

1969: The Snow Queen.

1971: Good Grief, a Griffin.

1972 (?): The Silver Curlew. A musical fantasy by Eleanor Farjeon and presented by the Port Elizabeth Children's Theatre. Directed by Marjorie Gilbey at the Port Elizabeth Opera House as a fund raiser for the Port Elizabeth School Feeding Fund. Music by Clifton Parker with special arrangements by Felicia Lifson and Don Gallaway. Starring Esme Erasmus as "Mother Codling," Marilyn Stirk as "Doll (Her elder daughter)," Catherine Agnew as "Poll (Her younger daughter)," Karen Rose as "Old Nan (Nollehen's Nurse)," Margaret Wiseman as "Young Jen (His Housemaid)," Brenda Barnard as "John the Butler (His Butler)," Paula Stewart as "Cookie the Cook (His Cook)," Susan Myrdal as "Jack the Gardener (His Gardener)," Bruce Sanderson as "King Nollekens of Norfolk," Lewis Slade as "Charlie Loon," Raella Abel as "a Puffin," Gail Bernstein as "a Puffin," Natalie Meyeras "a Puffin," Aubrey Shelton as "Abe," lan Couper as "Sid," Sigi Hallis Cohen as "Dave," Raphael Hallis Cohen as "Hal," Milton Drury as "Sam," Debbie Storey as "The Spindle Imp," Mandy Rothenburg as "The Silver Curlew," Bernadette Johnson as "Rackny (the Spider)," JoanneFeinson, Jamine Glick, Lisa Goldman, Carol Hersch, Jennifer McDonald, Hilary Vogel and Loretta Wilson as "Queer Things," Fay Ann Meyer as "Morning Fairy," Michele Anstey as "Noontide Fairy," Lee Ann Schewitz as "Twilght Fairy," Katherine Knight as "Page Boy," with Moya Britz, Belmda Crichton, Jennifer Dresda, Jennifer Hastings, Leonita Hide, Jane Humphrey, Susan Jewell, Leonie Joubert, Temma Maltz, Karen Mulder, Desiree Muller, Joanne Rademeyer, Ilana Saacks and Michal Sheinbaum as "Villagers and Ladies of Nolehen's Court".


The Silver Curlue theatre programme, undated.