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Peter Henkel (b. 12/08/1924 – d. 14/02/1992) was an editor and director. Also credited as Peter Henckel (once).


Peter Louis Richard Henkel was born in 1924, the son of Benjamin Henkel and his wife, Winifred Maud Hawken. His first known credit was on The Stolen Cigarette, a short film made by J. Blake Dalrymple for Tom Tom Cigarettes in what was then Rhodesia. For that he handled the sound, though during his subsequent career he became best known as an editor, working more than once with directors such as Emil Nofal, Jans Rautenbach and Dirk de Villiers. His first feature as editor was Rip van Wyk, directed by Emil Nofal for Jamie Uys Filmproduksies and amongst his best-known films were Die Kandidaat (1968) and Katrina (1969), both directed by Jans Rautenbach. For Truida Pohl’s Huis op Horings (1963) he was her main technical advisor, handling the cinematography, the editing and the sound. In the early 1970s he turned to direction and made three South African derivatives of the Italian spaghetti western: Scotty Smith (1970), Three Bullets… for a Long Gun (1971) and They Call Me Lucky (1973). He also worked on a number of sponsored documentaries, frequently returning to J. Blake Dalrymple when he launched Films of Africa.

He was married twice, first to Laura Katharine Cherry and then to Diane Thelma Perry. His grandfather was Caesar Carl Hans Henkel, a German immigrant to South Africa who became a noted cartographer, painter, forester and botanist, especially in the Eastern Cape.


Editor (Features)

1960 – Rip van Wyk (Editor) (Director: Emil Nofal), 1963 – Huis op Horings (Editor) (Director: Truida Pohl), 1965 – King Hendrik (Editor) (Director: Emil Nofal), 1968 – Die Kandidaat (Chief Editor) (Director: Jans Rautenbach), 1969 – Katrina (Supervising Editor) (Director: Jans Rautenbach), 1969 – Wild Season (Supervising Editor) (Director: Emil Nofal), 1972 – The Winners / My way (Editor with David de Beyer) (Directors: Emil Nofal & Roy Sargeant), 1973 – Die Bankrower (With Christine Jameson) (Director: Manie van Rensburg), 1973 – Die Wit Sluier (With Harry Hughes) (Director: Dirk de Villiers), 1973 – Jamie ’21 (With Kobus Kruger & Gawie le Roux) (Director: Daan Retief), 1974 – Ongewenste Vreemdeling (Sound Editor) (Director: Jans Rautenbach), 1975 – Sarah (With Harry Hughes) (Director: Gordon Vorster), 1975 – Kniediep… (Editor) (Director: Roy Sargeant & Joe Stewardson), 1976 – Springbok (With Malcolm Burns-Errington, Tim Spring & Peter Terry) (Director: Tommie Meyer), 1977 – Dingetjie & Idi (Supervising Editor) (Director: Dirk de Villiers), 1978 – Decision to Die (Supervising Editor) (Director: Dirk de Villiers), 1978 – Iemand Soos Jy / Someone Like You (With Gerrie van Wyk) (Director: Elmo de Witt), 1979 – Plekkie in die Son (With Barclay Dell) (Director: William C. Faure).

Editor (Shorts & Documentaries)

1963 – Open Road /Ope Pad (no director credited), 1964 – Gone Fishing / Viswater Toe (no director credited), 1964 – On the Move / Opsaal (with Harry Hughes) (Director: J. Blake Dalrymple), 1966 – The Ever Free / Vir Ewig Vry (Director: Jans Rautenbach), 1968 – Vision of Gold / Visioen van Goud (with Harry Hughes) (Director: Antony Thomas), 1973 – Who Cares / Wie Gee Om? (with Harry Hughes) (Director: Jans Rautenbach), 1974 – Land of Promise (Director: Jans Rautenbach), 1976 – Die Sestig Jaar van John Vorster (with Harry Hughes) (Told by Jans Rautenbach, Gordon Vorster & Susan Kruger), 197* - Durban Refinery (no director credited)


1970 – Scotty Smith / Scotty & Co. (Director), 1971 – Three Bullets… for a Long Gun (Director), 1973 – They Call Me Lucky (Director).


1963 – Huis op Horings (Director: Truida Pohl)


1952 – The Stolen Cigarette (short) (Director: J. Blake Dalrymple) 1959 – The Fox Has Four Eyes (short) (Director: Jamie Uys) 1963 – Huis op Horings (Director: Truida Pohl)

Technical Advisor

1963 – Huis op Horings (Truida Pohl) 1972 – Liefde vir Lelik (Director: Keith G. van der Wat)


Le Roux, André I. & Fourie, Lilla – Filmverlede: geskiedenis van die Suid-Afrikaanse speelfilm (1982)

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