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Katrina can refer to a 1937 PLAY and to a 1969 FILM.

These two items are unrelated.

Katrina, a play by P.W.S. Schumann

by P.W.S. Schumann. ** Written specifically for Volksteater and performed from manuscript on 9 and 10 June, 1937, with Anna Neethling-Pohl in the lead, directed by Hélène Güldenpfennig. Repeated by them in Krugersdorp on 18 August 1937. *

Produced in 1939 and in 1942 by ADK.

Aletta Gericke's first role on the stage was as Tant Alie in Katrina directed by Truida Pohl. The role of her son was played by Charl Engelbrecht, whom she later married.


Helikon, 2(10):66.

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Katrina, a film by Emil Nofal and Jans Rautenbach

Though highly controversial at the time of its release, this is a superb and critically acclaimed film by Emil Nofal and Jans Rautenbach, based on Basil Warner's equally controversial play Try for White (1959 ).

Filmed with a script was written by Emil Nofal and Jans Rautenbach, based on and freely adapted from the play by Warner (who is credited as a co-author - though IMDB wrongly refers to Warner's text as a "novel"). The film was produced by Emil Nofal, directed by Jans Rautenbach and featured Joe Stewardson, Jill Kirkland, Cobus Rossouw, Don Leonard, Ian Strauss, Katinka Heyns, Carel Trichardt, Regardt van den Bergh, Simon Sabela, Anthony Handley and Dulcie van den Bergh (uncredited). The musicians The Staccatos appeared in the film as themselves. Music by Roy Martin, cinematography by Vincent G. Cox, editing by Peter Henkel and Harry Hughes, make-up by John Dercksen, production management by Johann Schutte, sets by Neels Coetzee, Elsa Lamb, Ian MacLeod (as Ian McLeod) and Raymond Wilson (as Rasy Wilson), sound by Israel Cowin, Willie du Toit, Peter Usmar, camera work Gordon Anderson, John Baloyi and Dave Dunn-Yarker, wardrobe by Joan Oosthuizen, production assistant Polly Beukes, colour advisor Fritz Diener and continuity by Mary Usmar.

Produced by Emil Nofal Films, and the film was released in South Africa on 30 July 1969.




See also Try for White.

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