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Peter Ebert (1918-2012)[1] was a German-born director of opera and theatre.


Born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany on 6 April 1918, the son of noted German director Carl Ebert who left Nazi Germany in 1934 with his son and moved to England. He became known for his work with Glyndebourne Opera and the Scottish Opera where he staged over 50 productions from 1963 to 1980.

Peter Ebert gradually established an international reputation and went on to also work in America, Canada, Italy, Denmark, Germany and South Africa.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

Operas directed by Ebert include:

1964 – Il trovatore for PACT

1966 – Il trovatore for PACT

1973 – Le nozze di Figaro for PACT

1975 – Le nozze di Figaro for PACT

He crossed over from opera to straight theatre directing John Whiting’s The Devils at the Alexander Theatre for PACT in 1966.


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