Oom Gawerjal se Dogters en die Stemkoors

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Oom Gawerjal se Dogters en die Stemkoors ("Uncle Gawerjal's Daughters and the Election Fever") is a farce by Hendrik Hanekom.

A comedy/farce in three/four acts (this varied as the play toured) Written hastily for his first professional company tour in 1925 when C.J. Langenhoven refused him the rights to his play Die Wêreld die Draai. Apparently he used some of Langenhoven's plays, as well as Melt Brink's well-known comedy on women's emancipation (O. die Muise! Of Stemreg vir Vrouwe - "O, the Mice! Or The Vote for Women"), as models.

1925: First performed by Afrikaanse Spelers in October 1925 in Pretoria, then went on tour of the Transvaal, in tandem with his melodrama Liefde en Geldsug ("Love and Avarice").


Ons Vaderland, 9 October 1925.

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